Dashboard – November 2 – 6, 2015







MONDAY:   It’s a quiet earnings week as we prepare for next week’s retail earnings, but the week does end with a potentially very significant Employment Situation Report

TUESDAY:   Yesterday was a surprise start to the week, which may be suggesting that the market is again ready to accept good news as being good news, as the FOMC’s Employment threshold of 150,000 new jobs seems easy to beat, thereby more likely leading to an interest rate increase

WEDNESDAY:  After 2 days of nice and unexpected gains, China joined the party overnight. This morning the futures are again starting off listless, just as they did the first 2 days, so it will be anyone’s guess, as the ADP Private Sector Employment data is released today and may set the stage for Friday’s Employment Situation Report

THURSDAY:  Yesterday was a little respite from the strong advances to start the week. Today looks as if it could be another quiet day, although the early morning trading meant nothing on Monday and Tuesday. Today, though, would be a perfect day to exercise some caution ahead of tomorrow’s employment Situation Report, with everyone focusing on that 150,000 number.

FRIDAY:. Two quick moves higher to start the week, then 2 quiet days and now today may be a day of reckoning as the market sits flat awaiting the Employment Situation Report to end the week








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