Now What?

Or, what now?
The market moved pretty decisively today as it finally broke through that elusive 20,000 barrier, that really wasn’t so very elusive.
It really didn’t take that long to breach the 20,000 level, but you do have to wonder what comes next.
Historically, if you are a covered option trader, your portfolio performs better, in relative terms during a downward trend.
I know that to be true in my own experience, but I have really been enjoying this post-election stock market celebration, even as I may not yet find anything to celebrate in the election itself.
Certainly not the process, but I’m still open-minded as far as what comes next.
The difference between being “crazy” and “crazy as a fox” may be hard to discern when caught in the middle. Sometimes, it takes a lot of hindsight to really understand what had been going on in front of your eyes.
Politics and the stock market may not be all that different in that regard.
The difference, though, is that we do know that new highs usually beget more new highs.
I was pretty happy today on all counts.
Not just in seeing asset value increase, but also by getting another chance to keep that trading streak alive.
With 7 positions set to expire on Friday, all are pretty well situated.
The ones that I want to see expire may do so and continue being a potential source of recurring revenue after some long dormancy periods among them and the others look as if they will either be able to be rolled over or assigned.
That leaves me i good spirits and expecting that there is more good ahead, regardless of which way the market decides to turn.
From my perspective, that’s a real “win-win,” especially if there’s trading involved, too.