Dashboard – October 24 – 28, 2016







MONDAY:   The week looks as if it may get off to a positive start coming on the heels of lots of buyout and merger activity over the weekend, ahead of lots of earnings reports and a GDP release

TUESDAY:   A decent day yesterday and not obvious weakness in the cards today, as some equally decent guidance comes this morning from the chemical sector. That could be one of the signs that the FOMC will find its justification for moving forward

WEDNESDAY: With futures lower this morning, October could be the worst month since January, yet we’re on;y about 2% from all time highs with lots of time for something explosive to come.

THURSDAY:  Some more mergers hitting the wires this morning as earnings will be front and center before and after the closing bells today

FRIDAY:. As we await the GDP release, we also await to see which side of the breakeven line the market will land, as earnings reports this morning and late yesterday afternoon are doing little to move markets





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