Dashboard – September 12 – 16, 2015







MONDAY:   Friday’s decline is seeping into this week as the whole world now seems worried about interest rates and central banks that may become less accommodative.

TUESDAY:   Yesterday’s great recovery from the sharp decline in the futures trading could use a repeat today as there are new worries about interest rates and the economy. Those worries stem more from the confusion sown by the Federal Reserve than from anything happening on the ground, though

WEDNESDAY: After 3 days of big moves, today may be a day to take a break, as everything is trading in moderation in the futures. Stocks, oil and gold are all calm for now.

THURSDAY:  It looks as if today may be another quiet day, coming after yesterday’s return to the normalcy of the summer.

FRIDAY:. This has been a really surprising week, as sides are jockeying to see who will be right about next Wednesday’s FOMC result. If there is a surprise in store, and the FOMC does raise rates, even if only 0.25%, there should be a significant reaction





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