Dashboard – August 15 – 19, 2016







MONDAY:   Record highs set last week all around, but the market remained flat. Is that the very definition of an inflection point or will it be a launching point? More retail earnings to come this week to give a nudge in either direction

TUESDAY:   More earnings to come this week, but oil seems to be holding court again, as we await the release of FOMC minutes tomorrow and look for any insights into the minds of those who make the decisions that we are all speculating over.

WEDNESDAY: The market looks flat this morning, but FOMC minutes are to be released this afternoon and more earnings are ahead, as well, so anything may still be in store

THURSDAY:  A nice post-FOMC Minutes release rebound yesterday after some disappointing retail earnings. This morning looks flat, but more earnings to come and more Federal reserve members to speak their minds.

FRIDAY:.  The week, the monthly option cycle  and for the most part, this earnings season comes to an end. Despite the slightly negative opening in store today, it looks like another in a series of flat weeks.





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