Dashboard – July 25 – 29, 2016







MONDAY:   The week looks as if it might get off to a quiet start as an FOMC Statement release is ahead, as is the GDP. No one expects much from either, but that could lead to a summer surprise

TUESDAY:   A rare down day yesterday, although off from its lows, looks as if it will be followed by a day opening flat, as the FOMC convenes and investors have no expectations for policy alteration.

WEDNESDAY:  The FOMC Statement is released this afternoon as the week thus far is one looking for direction, even as earnings have been better than expected and haven’t been painting a negative picture for months ahead.

THURSDAY:  Another flat day may await as we also await tomorrow’s GDP. At the same time, investors are betting that it’s less than even money that we even get a single rate hike in 2016 at this point, although there’s lots of data to come and Friday could be the start of an upward pointing stream

FRIDAY:.  For now, the futures are looking as if it will be another flat day, but the GDP still awaits, so anything may yet happen






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