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MONDAY:   This morning’s market about face comes as the world suddenly believes that a British exit from the EUropean Union won’t be happening. Markets are strong all over, so at least now we can feel somewhat confident that leaving would be a bad thing, at least for a day or two.

TUESDAY:   Janet Yellen speaks, Stanley Fischer speaks and then Janet Yellen speaks again, all before the “Brexit” vote. Yesterday’s sharp gains were cut in half, but today continues some optimism as futures are again pointing higher ahead of what can only be the anticipation of good news from every corner.

WEDNESDAY:  Another day of Janet Yellen in front of Congress attempting to say nothing, as some concerns again creep in over the “Brexit” vote are keeping a lid on the market again this morning.

THURSDAY:  Ahead of today’s “Brexit” vote, markets are now betting the exit won’t happen and doing do in a big way as the week also nears its end

FRIDAY:.  Well, that was a surprise, although if the same outcome to the Brexit vote had happened just a week ago, it would not have been a surprise. So the gains seen yesterday in the expectation of an outcome that never came seem foolish in hindsight, as do so many things.






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