Dashboard – May 9 – 13, 2016







MONDAY:   Not too much going on this week, but retailers are reporting earnings and they’re not expected to be very good, maybe even below lowered expectations. Well, at least we have oil higher this morning

TUESDAY:   Markets point toward a higher open this morning as oil is also showing some strength. The real test comes as retailers are now reporting numbers and the weak are getting weaker. If the big players are the same, the market probably won’t react kindly

WEDNESDAY:  After yesterday’s 222 point gain, coincidentally while oil also headed much higher, this morning may give a small portion back. That portion could change as big retailers begin their flow of earnings reports starting today.

THURSDAY: Up 222 on Tuesday, down 217 yesterday. Well, at least that’s a net gain of 5. This morning’s futures are mildly higher, as is oil, trying to recover from yesterday’s retailer shock

FRIDAY:.  The week looks as if it wants to end on a flat note, having been punctuated mid-week by equally large and opposite moves. More retail next week, but maybe we’re now prepared for the moribund consumer and the economy he created






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