Dashboard – April 4 – 8, 2016







MONDAY:   This week we’ll see how long Yellen’s dovishness carries the market and whether oil will let go of its grip on the market, as it’s an otherwise quiet week except for the release of FOMC Minutes and lots of Federal Reserve Governors voicing their opinions

TUESDAY:  Some hawkish words from an FOMC voting member and declining oil prices may be starting to offset last week’s optimism. The futures are continuing and accelerating that trend this morning. There are more Federal Reserve members to speak this week, so it could bounce back and forth from their mouths to our bottom lines.

WEDNESDAY: Oil and stocks went their own way yesterday, but both higher as the morning is setting up. Otherwise, there’s no real news to take either of those markets in one way or another.

THURSDAY:  What yesterday’s surge in oil gave to the markets, this morning’s futures are taking away. There’s no real reason behind the morning’s early move, but that has been the story for all of 2016, especially once oil is taken out of the picture

FRIDAY:.  Yesterday oil gave back half of their previous day’s gains and stocks gave all of theirs, and more, back. This morning, both are pointing higher to end the week.






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