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MONDAY:   Maybe oil takes a back seat this week as the FOMC Statement is released and Janet Yellen holds a press conference. With no one expecting a change in rate policy we may get an idea of how far ahead the Federal Reserve’s crystal ball can see

TUESDAY:  We may be back to normal today as oil is down considerably and stock futures are following, as the FOMC begins their meeting.

WEDNESDAY: In the hours before yet another FOMC meeting that is being the described as “the most important in some time” markets didn’t have their usual pre-celebration the day before and are looking as if they’ll start the day off flat

THURSDAY: Stock futures have been all over the place this morning, while oil moves moderately higher. In the meantime, traders in stocks, metals and bonds can ponder what yesterday’s FOMC Statement release and Janet Yellen’s comments really mean as far as the health of the US economy goes.








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