Dashboard – January 11 -15, 2016







MONDAY:   Shanghai down another 5% and oil tanking even further. Welcome to the second week of 2016 as earnings season starts and skepticism over last week’s Employment Situation Report reigns

TUESDAY:   Yesterday started with promise, but didn’t deliver with much. Today, the start may be the same today, but as yesterday, the strength is dissipating as the opening bells comes closer.

WEDNESDAY:  Yesterday’s give back of the initial strong gain at the opening was discouraging, but the nice come back in the final 2 hours of trading was encouraging. This morning’s futures shows a possibility of some continuation of the closing gain. Last week, late session buying had no follow through, at all, so there’s hope for something different today.

THURSDAY:  Not quite a washout yesterday, but the market is again officially in correction territory, down about 7.5% in just 8 trading days in 2016. Futures aren’t looking to make any of that back this morning.

FRIDAY:. A brief moment of optimism yestedray, looks like it will be erased today, as the futures are again plunging, amid the realization that yesterday’s climb was no where close to being enough.








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