Dashboard – September 28 – October 2, 2015







MONDAY:   The week ends with the Employment Situation Report and will have lots of Federal Reserve Governors weighing in before that. But to begin the week, the market is continuing where Friday left off, if you take out the performance of just a single stock, Nike. We’re heading down until there comes some good economic news to change minds about how we now feel.

TUESDAY:   If you were looking for a meaningful bounce this morning, keep looking, as even the pathetic attempt lost ground as the morning’s futures drew closer to the opening bell.

WEDNESDAY:  A decent mid-week advance is in the works after some overnight strength in Asia, but still not enough at its current level to wipe out Monday’s loss. But it’s a start, at least

THURSDAY: The morning after has typically been a different story, for better or worse. This morning the direction isn’t clear, as the S&P 500 sits just barely in correction territory, continuing to straddle that line

FRIDAY:. A very disappointing Employment SItuation Report is sending the market much lower as data isn’t backing up increasing FOMC rhetoric about the justification for an impending interest rate increase








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