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MONDAY:   Although the pre-opening futures aren’t as bad this morning as they were yesterday evening as the Greek debt crisis will be coming to a head, it will be a day to strap on, as the opening day of a shortened week isn’t looking very welcoming

TUESDAY:   It will take an awfully big bounce to make up for yesterday’s 350 point loss. The pre-opening futures are making an attempt, as today is the day that Greece must decide whether to come to an agreement with its lenders, although the story could start anew next month as more money is due.

WEDNESDAY:  So Greece is now in default, but maybe a deal can be made? At least that’s what may be lifting the market this morning, but if the futures gains do hold, as yesterday’s didn’t, it’s still a long way from voiding Monday’s plummet.

THURSDAY:  The pre-open futuers are quiet ahead of this week’s early Employment Situation Report, as the real excitement may not begin until Monday, when the results of the Greek referendum become known.

FRIDAY:. Have a Happy and Safe FOurth of July








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