Dashboard – June 22 – 26, 2015







MONDAY:  .The week looks like it will get off to a nice start, probably being pushed by hopes for some short term Greece agreement, but big mergers and acquisition proposals may be contributing to early optimism

TUESDAY:   Yestrday, despite having given up a substantial portion of the day’s gain, it was still a nice day. Today, the morning looks as if it may preserve some of those gains, which would bring us even closer to setting more new records, having bypassed even a mini-correction

WEDNESDAY: .With GDP data being released this morning, the early futures, which are trading flatly, may find reason to wake up and set the tone for the day, after yesterday’s quiet session.

THURSDAY:  .After yesterday’s large and unexpected loss, that was certainly not foretold by the futures, comes a tepid bounceback in the next morning’s futures. On any other day it would be a nice move higher, but for now represents only a fraction of yesterday’s loss.

FRIDAY:.Another negative day yesterday and it again looks like it will be followed by a tepid attempt to recover some of what wa lost, as this week of no trades comes thankfully to an end.








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