Dashboard – April 13 – 16, 2015







MONDAY:   Retail Sales and Industrial Production reports this week may give some information regarding the strength of the economy, but most eyes will be focused on earnings, especially from major banks and also Intel, to get an idea of what kind of currency impacts can be forthcoming

TUESDAY:    Earnings start for real this morning and both JP Morgan and Wells Fargo are in line, with at least no news to spook markets. Johnson and Johnson, with more on line in terms of currency exchange can make the same claim

WEDNESDAY: Lots more earnings to come and lots of Federal Reserve Governor speches, too. Markets look as if their bias is continuing to the upside as, so far, diminished expectations may be paying off

THURSDAY:  More good numbers from banks and Goldman Sachs, but it doesn’t look like it’s enough to prevent some early profit taking following yesterday’s session. Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t the kind of company that leads markets

FRIDAY: Get ready  to strap on as the monthly cycle comes to an end and futures following Europe sharply lower. Why? Does there really have to be a reason?







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