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MONDAY:   .It’s a fairly light news week but it does end on Friday with both the GDP release and a speech from Stanley FIscher. The slightest news of a consumer led expanding economy and some hawkish words from Fisher would reignite fears of a June interest rate increase.

TUESDAY:    Yesterday came within minutes of being the first time stringing together 2 consecutive advancing days in a month, but we did break the streak of triple digit moves, as we wait for Friday’s GDP to let us know whether the energy price fueled expansion has gotten underway

WEDNESDAY: Yesterday reverted back to form with another triple digit move after quiet futures trading. This morning markets are again flat before the bell, but that portends nothing as it’s still not clear what, besides interest rates and currency worries will influence markets.

THURSDAY:   The markets are continuing yesterday’s sell-off in the pre-opening futures despite no reason for the negativity. Tomorrow’s GDP may finally give some reason to be bullish or bearish, but the preponderance of economic news should have little reason to fuel bearish sentiment.

FRIDAY: Another week thankfully coming to an end as GDP data may set the tone for next week’s Employment Situation Report, which is released while markets will be closed for Good Friday







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