Dashboard – February 9 – 13, 2015







MONDAY:   There’s basically nothing on the schedule today and the week itself is very light on news, so oil and Greece will probably be front and center, while even Ulraine may get more notice. Otherwise, keep an eye on interest rates

TUESDAY:    A rare kkind of day, of late, with the market showing a decent move higher in the pre-opening futures, as it moves opposite to oil this morning, as it should be.

WEDNESDAY:  No follow through seen in the early futures trading, but there’s not much reason for there to be any. Only real news today is whether oil inventories are building or shrinking and whether the market re-couples today or not.

THURSDAY:   The market looks as if it is ready to get off to another good start, just like Tuesday, as the futures seem to be happy about the potential for an EU accord on Greece’s debt.

FRIDAY:  The market is within easy reach of all time records. Again. But this latest climb has been different from the other 3 most recent because it hasn’t been straight up and has taken the opportunity to rest while on the way up. That’s a little more healthy and sustainable way to get to the top







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