Dashboard – July 28 – August 1, 2014







MONDAY:  A potentially busy week ahead with still lots of earnings, an FOMC release and the Employment Situation Report to close the week. The morning, however, appears to be off to a quiet start

TUESDAY:     More earnings today and FOMC begins their meeting. Market usually doesn’t commit or make big moves prior to meeting, but there’s little reason to believe that there will be anything earth shattering coming tomorrow

WEDNESDAY:  Will Twitter propel the market? Not likely, as most will likely be waiting for FOMC statement release before commiting too much. No surprises are expected this afternoon, but since when does reality get a say in decisions?

THURSDAY:    What a difference a day and the day can make. The market appears to be ready to open on a large down note. How much better that generally is on a Monday rather than a Thursday becomes pretty clear as assessing rollover and assignment probabilities.

FRIDAY:  Some follow-up to yesterday’s plunge looks likely, at least before the looming Employment Situation Report which is more likely to exacerbate than to help things, if there is any reaction in store




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