Dashboard – July 21 – 15, 2014







MONDAY:  While we were transfixed over the weekend on developing news, there was really nothing of a level to make markets react as the week gets its start. Mild weakness looks like it will begin the week’s trading

TUESDAY:     Impressive comeback yesterday that may continue today as international acuity seems to be stabilizing, leaving market to concentrate on lots and lots of earnings.

WEDNESDAY:  More earnings today and hopefully some action, but the morning seems to be getting off to a very flat start after the initial round of reports and with virtually no economic reports released today to push things along

THURSDAY:    The market loves Facebook, but unfortunately advertising revenue isn’t what inspires a market to do great things, but they can be representative of some increasing consumer activity

FRIDAY:  Fridays have lately been the new Tuesdays, with the past 7 having closed higher, but today’s pre-market not playing along.




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