Dashboard – May 19 – 23, 2014







MONDAY:   No apparant follow through from Friday’s last two hours of trading and what could have been some Merger Monday excitement fizzling before the market’s open.

TUESDAY:     The Tuesday pattern of moving higher isn’t getting much support from the pre-opening futures which are almost perfectly flat despite some early morning earnings misses

WEDNESDAY:  FOMC statement released this afternoon, but not too likely to have any substantive changes in tone or intent. As always, what the market does in response is anyone’s guess.

THURSDAY:    Fascinating day yesterday, as the market dropped its usual hesitancy before the FOMC release and went much higher with ultimately little response to the report once released. Today’s catalysts? Jobless Claims? Existing Home Sales? Not too likely.

FRIDAY:  Hopefully this morning’s futures will have some predictive capacity and the market ends the week on either a quiet or higher nite for a change




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