Weekly Prospects (January 27-31, 2014)






MONDAY: So far, thanks to Caterpillar, the stock everyone loves to hate, the market delays any follow through to Friday’s sell off, as earnings may truly matter.

TUESDAY:     A nice pre-market opening erased by disappointing durable goods report> Luckily Apple stopped being a market leader a few years ago

WEDNESDAY:  Turkish Central Bank raises overnight lending rate by 4 1/2% and FOMC today. Meanwhile S&P 500 turned around 15 points overnight and not in a good way.

THURSDAY:   Barely one day later and it’s as if nothing happened yesterday. More earnings and not much news to end the week, hopefully on an up note for a change.

FRIDAY:  Strap on. This looks to be the third consecutive down draft Friday.



Sneak Peek

* Sneak Peek selections subject to change before final Sunday posting