The Real Sugar of Life

Who better to give the real last word to than Sugar Momma?



The Real Sugar of LifeSugar Momma speaks out for the first and last time.


I have absolutely no background or interest in trading, the stock market, or options.


I came from a career in mental health and dealing with people as opposed to numbers. But living with TheAcsMan, I have been forced to pick up a few insights that can apply to the market or the supermarket of people in your life.


Yes, money, financial stability, all important things. But the real sugar of life comes from the people in your life. Your family, friends, neighbors, co workers, the cashier at Giant who wonders what you are going to do with all that baby bok choy.


Some of the important lessons you learn about trading are similar ideas that can apply to your relationships. There are ups and downs, Cycles, Gotta wait it out, Dont Panic, Be patient, do your homework. You take these lessons and go through life and think you know what’s going on with people, what to expect, how to deal.


But people, like the market can sometimes really surprise you, even later in life when you think you know all about someone or something. You know the market, you know a person, been doing all this for 30 years and then a person does something or makes a change that really can be shocking. 


So, like with the market, don’t panic, don’t assume. Just because it sounds right doesn’t mean it’s true.


Do a little research, be honest, communicate. Try to learn and find out all you can before you jump to those conclusions that can have some major consequences. If you don’t you just might lose something more important than money.


The sugar of life.