Wouldn’t that be Great?

everydayIf only this picture was true.
At least when it came to trading.
So far, this year has been a trader’s dream come true.
I’ve made trades each and every trading day of the year, but the only problem has been that there is no trading on Saturday and Sunday.
On top of that, you’ve got those pesky holidays.
The past couple of years I welcomed some of those pesky holidays.
But for a really large part of the 2007 to 2014 period I was actually upset whenever there was a day off from trading.
It’s nice to feel that way again.
I’m looking forward to next week, which is also a nice thing.
Even though I have money to spend and even though I didn’t get a chance to recycle as much as I was hoping, as both GameStop and Hewlett Packard had to be rolled over, at least they get to contribute some more income.
Also, as I’m back to my old ways of making those kind of teeth grinding trades by selling calls at strikes below their purchase cost – well below, I’ve really been enjoying the income from them and in those cases, I really don’t mind seeing the short options expire or get rolled over.
Instead, with those, I really don’t want to see them get assigned.
While I’m not going to project a whole year on just the experience of 2 weeks, but I would be a really, really happy person if only that could be the case.
There is a certain thrill, at least for me, as those positions do see their prices start creeping up toward or beyond those strikes, but unless they are ready to go on a tear higher, it just becomes a case of trying to rollover, maybe week after week, until that momentum finally reverses itself.
It almost always does.
I do hope to be able to open some more new positions next week and I hope that it’s another week like this one.
Dividends, premiums and asset appreciation is really the trifecta, especially when you can be actively trading the whole time.
I doubt that this streak of a trade or more each day will continue, but as long as it does, I’m going to enjoy 2017.
No matter what.