Important Announcement

After nearly 5 years and almost 1000 closed positions, it’s time to close “Option to Profit.”
At least my part of OTP.
Effective January 2, 2017, Option to Profit will have new owners and I will no longer be involved with it, in whatever new form it may take.
Subscriber lists were not included in the sale, just the rights to the name, web sites and book royalties.
While not part of the deal, I will no longer be posting articles on Seeking Alpha with any regularity, although I am very appreciative to the editors for giving me completely free rein.
I do plan to resurrect an ad supported, non-subscription “” and post trades on there, but I just won’t be writing as much.
I would like to also thank all subscribers, especially those who have remained from the inception of what I thought would be a 3 – 4 month long subscription for most people, who I expected would then apply the rules on their own stocks or simply decide this wasn’t for them.
That so many decided to stay through the entire run is still a shock to me, but I’m very grateful for the shared good humor, wisdom and insights through the ups and downs.
While that was a pleasant and really unexpected surprise, what was especially nice was the fact that I never had a single subscriber who was ever less than genuinely friendly. Whatever people may say about the anonymity of the internet, something should be said for those who are consistently polite and constructive, even when their names are unknown.
Believe it or not, I will miss that much more than the money.
Thank you again to everyone. Whether Trading Alerts, Web Access Only or Seeking Alpha subscribers, you were all wonderful.
You made retirement engaging in a way that I never thought it could be.
Best of luck in 2017 and beyond in every meaningful aspect of life.