Dashboard – November 28 – December 2, 2016







MONDAY:   The next few weeks will be focusing on the FOMC, but first we have to deal with this week’s GDP and Employment SItuation Report

TUESDAY:    It looks as if it may be another quiet day today, but the rest of the week may have reasons to react, or at least convince itself that it has reasons to react.

WEDNESDAY:  An increased GDP reported yesterday and who knows what comes on Friday, as the Employment SItuation Report is released? But most everyone knows what to expect in just 2 weeks as the FOMC meets and the market appears ready to accept an interest rate increase – as long as it’s a small one and doesn’t happen too often.

THURSDAY:  OK. December. The final dash is underway.

FRIDAY:. Employment Situation Report comes this morning and could swing market toward gains if the numbers convince everyone that the uncertainty is over. Of course, if the numbers aren’t so good, the market hates newly sown doubt.





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