Daily Market Update – November 14, 2016 (Close)



Daily Market Update –  November 14, 2016 (Close)

We will now see how the market, the country and the world like a new, softer Donald Trump, as some of those going down as the swamp was being drained are beginning to re-emerge.

Markets were a little higher as futures were trading and no one really knew what awaited.

We never do, but when was the last time we really knew so little about what direction policy will take?

Not recently, for sure.

I have a little bit of cash to spend, but I think this week will be mostly focused on trying to do something with the positions that are set to expire this week.

I’d be happy if those could keep me busy and keep me either generating some income or some new cash.

There’s not too much going on this week, so it may be a chance to recollect some thoughts and figure out what’s next.

That works for me.

What really worked for me was getting to sell some more calls on uncovered positions.

Generating some more cash may make me more inclined to buy something this week, but i think I would still rather do nothing and get some decent combination of rollovers and assignments.

It’s all about the cash and I wouldn’t mind having some more of it as 2016 comes to an end.