Dashboard – October 17 – 21, 2016







MONDAY:   Other than earnings, this is a quiet week for scheduled events. Markets look like they will open to the negative, but not with too much conviction

TUESDAY:   A small loss yesterday and the market looks to erase that, even as some earnings in the important technology sector aren’t looking too good this morning

WEDNESDAY: A decent day yesterday and some decent earnings still from financials, but otherwise some of the outlooks are not as optimistic as we need to get buyers excited.

THURSDAY:  The market is in a position to break a 2 week losing streak and this morning could add a little to that margin as the monthly cycle comes to its end with lots of earnings to come still this week

FRIDAY:. Markets are poised to end the week higher, breaking a 2 week losing streak, even as earnings and guidances have been mixed.





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