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MONDAY:   Earnings season begins this week, but not for real until Friday, when Retail Sales are also reported. Guidance may be more important than ever as 2016 comes to an end and we still wonder where the interest rate increases we have all been expecting this year are hiding

TUESDAY:   Yesterday was a surprisingly strong day, even as some of the gains were lost. Today appears to be getting off to a flat start as we await the end of the week’s earnings, Retail Sales and Janet Yellen

WEDNESDAY: With markets facing an unexpected large loss yesterday, once again following oil, this morning appears to be flat as we gear up for earnings and more.

THURSDAY:  It looks as if yesterday’s breather, despite some fairly strong opinion contained in last month’s FOMC meeting minutes about raising interest rates, won’t be holding up as this morning begins. I would have thought that the news in those minutes would have sent markets into a dive, but maybe there’s a delayed reaction this morning, instead.

FRIDAY:. Futures are getting off to a good start as JP Morgan shows that they were healthier than thought with good top line revenue





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