Dashboard – October 3 – 7, 2016







MONDAY:   The Employment Situation Report will loom large this week after 6 consecutive days of triple digit moves. Appropriately, markets are flat this morning as we await the start of trading

TUESDAY:   Yesterday’s mid-day recovery put an end to the streak of 6 consecutive triple digit moves. Today looks as if it may be getting off to a flat start in follow-up to yesterday’s small decline, as we await Friday’s Employment Situation Report

WEDNESDAY: The countdown is on and markets are again getting ready to start the day off quietly, as it has to begin the week.

THURSDAY:  Yesterday’s decent, but unwarranted rally, followed oil again. Things may return to interest rates tomorrow, but there’s no reason for markets to do anything but stay as flat as the futures were trading early this morning

FRIDAY:. Potentially big market mover this morning, as futures are just mildly cautious ahead of the news and after an overnight currency meltdown of the British Pound





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