Dashboard – September 26 – 30, 2016







MONDAY:   Lots of Federal reserve talking going on this week and a GDP release, which could offer the first really strong justification for the expected interest rate hike

TUESDAY:   Markets look to be calm to start the morning after two consecutive triple digit losses for the first time in 3 months

WEDNESDAY: Big down day to start the week and a big up day to follow. That made it 3 big days in a row. Today may be the breather, but we still have GDP on Friday to possibly shake things up again

THURSDAY:  Busy, busy day today. No less than 6 Federal reserve speakers today, including Janet Yellen and the GDP, following the fourth consecutive triple digit move. This morning, though, is completely flat, as oil ruled yesterday after not doing so the previous day

FRIDAY:. Lots of ups and downs this week as oil has suddenly taken center stage again as talk about interest rates seems to have waned.





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