Dashboard – September 19 – 23, 2016







MONDAY:   Big week ahead, with futures pointing toward a higher open, despite some considerable risk of the FOMC moving ahead with a rise in interest rates.

TUESDAY:   Markets squandered a big gain yesterday, but there was no reason for that gain in the first place. The FOMC meeting starts today and expectations are for no rate hike, but watch for the wording in the statement.

WEDNESDAY: The Bank of Japan’s overnight policy re-direction may now pave the way for US markets to go higher, as futures are guardedly higher ahead of today’s FOMC Statement release.

THURSDAY:  Following yesterday’s boosts from the Bank of Japan and the FOMC, there may still be some rally left, as traders believe that are 3 more months ahead of cheap money to play with.

FRIDAY:. Markets may need to take a rest today and certainly couldn’t be blamed if they did.





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