Dashboard – July 18 – 22, 2016







MONDAY:   It will be a relatively quiet week on the economic news front, but there will be lots of earnings to potentially move market’s ahead of next week’s FOMC Statement release

TUESDAY:   Another record closing yesterday, albeit a small increase, but maybe another day of rest today. Slowing down the rate of rise is a good thing, but it would still be good to establish some support levels on the way higher

WEDNESDAY:  After yesterday’s mixed market close, today the march higher may resume as more earnings come in and technology gets off to a good start

THURSDAY:  More records yesterday, but maybe a chance to take a break today. As much as it’s nice to move higher, it would be very nice to develop some levels of support

FRIDAY:.  A flat open looks to be in store as the week comes to its end ahead of next week’s FOMC Staetment release and GDP. No one is talking about a July meeting rate hike, though.






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