Dashboard – July 11 – 15, 2016







MONDAY:   This morning’s futures are telling us that we are in store for a new all time record high, but we have to have it tested first. Sometimes it takes a couple of those tests to really mark a new high and to go well beyond

TUESDAY:   After breaking the all time record high yesterday, it looks as if the market isn’t interested in testing the old high and instead looks to move even higher. Sometimes when it seems that there are absolutely no good reasons to head in any particular direction, that is the only direction that makes sense.

WEDNESDAY:  More all time record highs, but today may be the time for a healthy break in the action

THURSDAY:  Yesterday’s pause looks like it’s giving way to another step toward a breakout as the monthly option cycle comes to an end tomorrow

FRIDAY:.  Today may be one of those rare quiet days on the last 2 weeks as the monthly cycle comes to an end and the world finds another reason to grieve.






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