Dashboard – July 4 – 8, 2016







MONDAY:   Happy and safe Fourth of July to all

TUESDAY:   The markets, including oil, may be taking another breather today as the holiday shortened trading week ends with an Employment Situation Report and is interrupted mid-week with FOMC minutes

WEDNESDAY:  Oil was down yesterday, gold higher, interest rates lower and the dollar higher. All made for an environment to send the market lower for the first time in a week. This morning futures are again lower, although the market closed yesterday well off from its lows, but there isn’t much in the early going to give reason to continue yesterday’s relative late strength

THURSDAY:  A nice recovery yesterday afternoon and now the futures are flat, as we await tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report. That could do what it did last time and set off some fireworks or sow some confusion ahead of the next FOMC meeting.

FRIDAY:.  The Employment Situation Report comes this morning and a big bounce from last month is expected. What the reaction to that bounce will be is leading to some tentativeness in the futures this morning






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