Dashboard – May 23 – 27, 2016







MONDAY:   Lots of Federal Reserve Governors giving their opinions this week and a GDP report to end the week before a long weekend. What could go wrong unless you’re one of those fearful of interest rate increases?

TUESDAY:   Flat may have been an under-exaggeration for yesterday. This morning may have an upward bias, as we see how much Federal reserve Governor’s hawkish words weigh on markets for the next month

WEDNESDAY:  Strong New Home Sales came as a pleasant surprise and moved the market another 1% higher, as maybe investors are getting more comfortable with the prospects of an interest rate increase in the next few weeks. For now, at least.

THURSDAY: Two straight days with big gains and it would seem that concern about a rate increase was now behind us. We did have the same thing happen just before 2015’s rate hike and then an almost immediate sustained sell off after the fact. But for now, I’m enjoying the moment.

FRIDAY:.  Today’s GDP may give some insight into what the FOMC may decide in just a few weeks and may give the market something to think about over a long weekend ahead






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