Dashboard – May 16 – 20, 2016







MONDAY:   More earnings coming up and oil gets a boost from Goldman Sachs to start the week. Hopefully there will be no major surprises so we can get some trades done this week to end the May 2016 option cycle

TUESDAY:   After yesterday’s unexpected 1% gain, the early futures trading is at least holding on, in part helped by strong earnings from Home Depot. Clearly, the consumer is buying something.

WEDNESDAY:  Remember Monday’s gain? Funny thing about that. Well maybe not so funny if you took the bait on Monday. This morning the futures are flat as we await some earnings news and maybe think a little about some news of rising prices and their role in inflation and in shaping the FOMC’s thoughts

THURSDAY: For a change, some decent earnings news greets investors as the morning begins as traders weigh the FOMC’s greater than anticipated hawkishness

FRIDAY:.  This monthly option cycle finally comes to an end and there’s some hope for rollovers or assignments as futures are slightly higher






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