Dashboard – May 2 – 6, 2016







MONDAY:   Lots of earnings reports this week, but not too many of consequence. That happens next week as retailers begin to report. In the meantime, the week will end with an Employment Situation Report and we’ll find out whether there are more people in a position to be spending their money

TUESDAY:   Market picked up 100 points yesterday and looking to lose the same today. Why? Because Tuesday. Does there need to be a reason? Earnings, oil, interest rates? Maybe none of the above

WEDNESDAY: More heavy losses appear to be in store as the futures are trading and both oil and commodities are weak, as we await the ADP Report that could give some insight into Friday’s Employment Situation Report.

THURSDAY: Oil led the way down yesterday, but in this morning’s early trading, while it is again sharply higher, the S&P 500 futures have been giving up on their substantial early gains, so hold on.

FRIDAY:.  Today’s Employment Situation report could spell the difference for the week, which is already down enough to notice and heading a bit lower before this morning’s announcement.






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