Dashboard – April 25 – 29, 2016







MONDAY:   It’s a big week ahead with lots of earnings, an FOMC Statement release and the GDP, but markets look like they may open the day flat

TUESDAY:   Stocks recovered nicely from their lows yesterday to finish fairly flat. This morning’s open looks to be the same, even as most of the days right before the FOMC Statement release for the past few years have been strongly positive.

WEDNESDAY: Last night’s large earnings disappointments seem to be offset by stronger oil prices in the futures trading, as we get ready for the FOMC Statement release in the afternoon

THURSDAY: Last night’s closing bell brought some decent earnings after a no surprise FOMC Statement release. This morning, as oil is flat, the market is trying to give up all of the small gains for the week.

FRIDAY:.  After yesterday’s big Icahn inspired decline, the week looks as if it may come to a quiet end






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