Dashboard – April 18 – 22, 2016







MONDAY:   The week opens with no surprise. Oil producers failed to come to the agreement that was rumored. The real surprise is that markets are cautious in their give backs of last week’s oil inspired gains. Maybe we’ll concentrate on earnings, instead.

TUESDAY:  Another good day appears to be at hand, even as earnings aren’t reflecting anything other than being able to meet or exceed lowered expectations. Meanwhile oil is up strongly again as Doha is all but forgotten

WEDNESDAY: Stocks managed a gain yesterday. This morning it’s being given back, but not by as much as the decline in oil might have ordinarily resulted in. Maybe earnings will keep the illusion going, a the bar to be disappointed is lowered even further.

THURSDAY: Maybe another quiet day awaits, as more earnings pour in, although yesterday the earnings related news wasn’t all bad, The strategy of under promising and then meeting those lowered expectations seems to be working, however, as stocks have been steadily climbing higher, although oil’s ascent can’t be minimized.

FRIDAY:.  Markets followed oil lower yesterday, but started seeing some large earnings related declines during the session and then some more disappointments after the close. Futures this morning, however, are not reflecting overnight damage






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