Dashboard – April 11 – 15, 2016







MONDAY:   Earnings get started for real on Wednesday morning with JP Morgan Chase, otherwise it may be more of the same until and maybe even after then: Oil and speculation over when interest rates are going to move higher

TUESDAY:  Well, yesterday was really confusing. You may try to look for reasons, but it could be hard to explain the gap higher, the loss, the rebound and then the final move to close the day at a loss. Today, looks like a breather at the open to give us some time to reflect.

WEDNESDAY: Earnings season starts in earnest this morning with JP Morgan Chase leading off, as futures are again strongly higher following yesterday’s oil related surge, which itself was based on the premise that Saudi Arabia and Russia will agree to cut back their own oil production regardless of Iran’s intent

THURSDAY:  2 days of big gains, and almost 3, if Monday had,t turned around may be getting ready for a rest today. Maybe. There are more big bank earnings ahead and even as oil is asleep today, the market went higher without it yesterday.

FRIDAY:.  Markets look loke they may continue yesterday’s flat close, but still having left it a good week, without any earnings relatyed damage. Now its up to the promise of lower oil output to rule over the following week.






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