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MONDAY:   With GDP announced on Good Friday being a little stronger than expected, this week’s Employment Situation Report, if strong, could send the signal that another interest rate hike is going to be upon us. Is that good or bad for stock markets?

TUESDAY:  Janet Yellen speaks today and other Federal reserve Governors follow during the rest of the week leading up to Friday’s Employment Situation report, as the morning looks to continue yesterday’s ennui.

WEDNESDAY: Janet Yellen’s dovish tone yesterday has the rally continuing today in the pre-open, as the futures are also continuing to head its own way, apart from the direction of oil

THURSDAY: After 2 days of Janet Yellen induced optimism, the futures may be signaling a little break as we await tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report to see whether or not the economy is also taking a little break

FRIDAY:.  Just ahead of the Employment Situation Report release, futures are lower, but there’s no telling what a surprising number in either direction will lead to







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