Dashboard – February 29 – March 4, 2016







MONDAY:   Oil lower, world wide markets down to start the week and an an Employment Situation Report to end it. Momentum has us moving higher, but let’s see how the week can begin with the burdens of the morning

TUESDAY:  Futures are pointing sharply higher a day after it seemed to disconnect from oil. After oil turned nicely higher during  yesterday’s mid-session, the market started a sharp decline. Today, they’re again traveling together, at least to get started

WEDNESDAY:  A great day yesterday is being followed by some flatness in the futures, but those futures seem to be ignoring weakness in oil.

THURSDAY: A flat day yesterday without too much evidence of the market following where oil was going. This morning appears to be another flat day as we await tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report.

FRIDAY:. Futures were again flat this morning, but this time the Employment Situation Report loomed, but still the week looked to close higher for  the third consecutive week.







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