Dashboard – February 22 – 26, 2016







MONDAY:  Oil gets set to start the week about 3.5% higher, so that can only mean one thing for our market and the futures are up sharply, as well

TUESDAY:  Another large move yesterday and it was another large move higher. Today may be a day of rest and consolidation while we try and figure out what has changed to make such a difference over the past week.

WEDNESDAY:  Oil led the market much lower yesterday and it looks like it will be trying to do the same again today.

THURSDAY:  Shanghai was down almost 7% overnight and oil futures are lower this morning. You might think that out stock futures would be reeling. But following yesterday’s reversals in oil and the market, this morning futures are surprisingly flat ahead of tomorrow’s GDP

FRIDAY:. Futures are up nicely again this morning, following oil’s lead, as we await the GDP release that could confirm lots of things regarding the direction and magnitude of economic growth







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