Dashboard – February 15 – 19, 2016







MONDAY:   Happy President’s Day

TUESDAY:   Markets look to open the week on the heels of a 7% gain in the Nikkei and strong gains in Shanghai, amid some reports of an OPEC agreement to freeze oil production.

WEDNESDAY:  A reversal in oil, taking it much lower, didn’t do the same for stocks. This morning futures are moderately higher. Although nothing of substance has changed, there may be some good signs in the rear view mirror, even if there are none ahead

THURSDAY:  Following yesterday’s gain, the market is now positive for February 2016. Who would have believed it possible? This morning could add some more!

FRIDAY:. The February 2016 option cycle looks like it may come to a quiet end, just as was the case yesterday, following some tumultuous days of trading. A little bit of stability may be just the thing for a more sustainable move higher.








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