Dashboard – February 8 – 12, 2016







MONDAY:   Look out below, as oil is taking the futures for a sharp ride down, although not as bad as it had been earlier in the morning

TUESDAY:   Stocks recovered partially from yesterday’s large loss and looks to open flat this morning as the Nikkei fell 5.4% overnight and crude oil is sharply higher. The only question is “which way do i go?” as there is nothing but confusion for investors

WEDNESDAY:  Another nice mid-day comeback yesterday gives some reason for hope ahead of Janet Yellen’s Congressional appearance today. Maybe that’s why futures are up sharply in anticipation of the return of the dovish sounding Yellen

THURSDAY:  Oil plunging, negative interest rates, European banks in turmoil. What could that possibly hold in store as markets get ready to open this morning following yesterday’s late sell-off? Good guess. Futures are headed much lower as we get prepared to strap in for the opening bell

FRIDAY:. This is yet another in a series of weeks in which the end couldn’t come soon enough. This morning, however, there’s some sense that there could be a small bounce. Maybe








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