Dashboard – January 25 – 29, 2016







MONDAY:   Oil down 3% to start the morning and guess what? Stocks are down too, but not as much as they have been lately when oil has tanked

TUESDAY:   The 10 Year Treasury below 2% again. Who would have imagined that? At least oil is flat this morning as are the futures, after yesterday’s large loss in pursuit of lower oil

WEDNESDAY:  Yesterday’s great gains are more or less holding in the pre-open futures session, as we await an FOMC Statement release today, that some expect will open door for more interest rate increases this year. But where is the data?

THURSDAY:  Shanghai down another 3% overnight, making it 25% for 2016. Yesterday’s plunge here was nothing more than an erasure of the previous day. This morning ha a small bounce in the futures, but it is a big day for earnings, although as I’ve said on any number of previous quarters, the economy is much more than Facebook

FRIDAY:. Could it possibly be? The futures are pointing decently higher after yesterday’s recovery and higher close, just like the last 2 days of the previous week. We’ll see.








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