Dashboard – January 4 – 8, 2015







MONDAY:   China, Saudi Arabia and Iran. 2016 wasn’t supposed to get off to this kind of a start

TUESDAY:   Asian markets moderated overnight, but US markets look as if they want to give back a big part of yesterday’s late session comeback. Strap on as 2016 continues.

WEDNESDAY:  News that North Korea has an H Bomb, coupled with decreasing iPhone orders added to record cash inflows into mutual funds give the market plenty of reasons to worry. I think the last of those three may be the worst of all.

THURSDAY:  Strap on again. China plummets overnight and taking Europe and US futures along the ride

FRIDAY:. There may be some rebound today, if the futures are any tell, but even a big rebound wouldn’t be enough to offset the first 4 days of the New Year








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