Dashboard – November 9 – 13, 2015







MONDAY:  National retailers begin to report earnings this week and the official Retail Sales report comes at the end of the week, so we could get some important data with regard to justifying an interest rate increase. After another strong week last week, the futures look like they are getting ready to begin the week on a more cautious note.

TUESDAY:   It’s difficult to explain the kind of loss seen yesterday other than to ascribe it as “selling on the presumed news” of an interest rate hike or realization that the free low interest rate ride was really finally coming to its end, soon to be replaced by another low interest rate ride.

WEDNESDAY:  Yesterday showed a nice early morning recovery from its losses and this morning the futures are indicating some follow through from its trending higher to close the day. With banks closed today, despite only mild changes in the early trading, there could be some exaggerated moves as the day goes on

THURSDAY:  Yesterday’s very disappointing report from Macy’s really cast a pall on retail’s outlook for the coming year and came as a real surprise to me, although the resultant weakness may now be reason to consider entry into a sector that is never going to go away, even as online may be garnering supremacy

FRIDAY:. Too much confusion and too many mixed messages sent markets to sharp declines yesterday as 2015 now has only about 7 weeks to end up in the black. This morning’s pre-opening futures don’t give an appearance of making too much of an effort to push things over the flat line, though








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