Dashboard – October 26, 2015







MONDAY:   Lots more earnings this week, but most attention will be focused on the wording of the FOMC Statement this week, in the assumption that no action is taken on interest rates

TUESDAY:   .A very quiet day yesterday and if this morning’s futures are going to be any indication, the same is in store for today, as the FOMC begins its meeting

WEDNESDAY:  Another quiet morning appears to be ahead, as this afternoon’s FOMC Statement release could be the market’s excuse for a release, as well.

THURSDAY: Yesterday’s surprising move higher on some hawkish tone from the FOMC is being given back in this morning’s pre-opening trading. This morning’s GDP may give some reason to suspect that December may now be the new target date for FOMC action

FRIDAY:. Another quiet day looks to be in the works to end the week, while we await retail earnings that are still another week away








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