Dashboard – October 12 – 16, 2015







MONDAY:   Earnings get under way this week with banks reporting, but they don’t usually portend what the rest of the economy is really experiencing. The Retail Sales Report this week may tell more.

TUESDAY:   Significant earnings reports begin this morning and then after today’s close and may help us get closer to an understanding of what the FOMC is considering as their own meeting draws near, as does 2016.

WEDNESDAY:  A break in the consecutive streak higher was our fate yesterday and the very earliest in earnings are not yet giving a reason to begin a new leg higher.

THURSDAY:  There wasn’t too much reason for yesterday’s sell-off and in following the typical script, today there is an early attempt to recover, but a tepid one, as had been the case prior to the recent 10 day run up higher.

FRIDAY:. After yesterday’s very unexpected 200 point gain, it looks as if the market may want to take a pause to end the week and the 2015 October option cycle








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